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Our Team Discmania superstar “Nikke” overcame the challenging Mukkula DiscGolfPark in Lahti, Finland, against the most competitive field of players in Finnish Championship history to secure his third title. To celebrate this impressive feat, we’re preparing a very special batch of Swirl S-line FD’s as a Triumph Series release for Niklas. Each disc sold supports Nikke on tour!

One could easily argue that these juicy swirl S-line FD’s offer the best balanced FD flight pattern out of all FD’s produced to date under our own Swedish production. Compared to stock C-line FD’s, these fly straighter and less overstable overall. Compared to stock S-line FD’s, these are a bit more resistant to high speed turn, while still providing a very mild fade. In essence, these fit snugly in between of the stock versions of the FD, offering the best of both worlds in a very attractive package

As you grab one of these, you’ll easily notice that the plastic is very high quality and the finishing on all edges is comfortable and consistent. We wouldn’t call these either domey or flat, but something in between, offering enough height to produce a great glide in flight, but not too much to feel awkward in hand.

Niklas Anttila Triumph Series Swirly S-line FD

22,90 €Preço
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