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Night Strike 3 - colour glow C-line FD, 173-175

Night Strike 3 - colour glow C-line FD, 173-175

REF: 00023

The Serpent is a common staple amongst all worldwide mythology. It can be described as deceptive, cunning, and clever. Nate has chosen the FD as his go-to tool to navigate through treacherous fairways and execute silky smooth forehand and backhand shots. His trifecta is now complete with the Night Strike III. The FD is a must have for all disc golf enthusiasts no matter what skill level you are. The Night Strike series is quite possibly the most popular blend we’ve ever produced in this model. Color Glow plastic gives you the right amount of grip, glows in the dark, the durability of premium plastic, and is most often a bit flatter and softer than traditional stock runs.

    25,90 €Preço

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