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A whole bunch of glide and the perfect ratio of high speed turn & low speed fade. This disc has a lot offer for everyone!

The Essence is THE do-it-all fairway driver in our Evolution line up. Although the Essence is a great fit for beginner and novice throwers, many pros out there will take a liking to this disc quickly. The rounded semi-blunt nose of the disc allows for fantastic roller shots and controlled backhand or forehand throws when you need it most. If you find yourself on a technical hole out on the course, you’ll reach for the Essence!

With the Essence, we have repurposed, reimagined, and reinvented our goals for an understable fairway driver. Given the understable nature of the Essence, this disc is best suited for players looking for their first fairway driver, backhand or smooth forehand throws, tailwinds, and excellent roller shots.

In Geo material, the Essence features a flatter profile than in Neo. This makes the Geo Essence a touch more stable and less glidey than its Neo relative. If you're looking for a disc with more turn and glide, we recommend picking up the Neo Essence instead.

Good for: All skill levels, straight and turning shots from backhand & sidearm.

Evolution GEO Essence

10,90 €Preço
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